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Julie Hemment

Associate Professor, Anthropology
Family Research Scholar, 2005-2006



Julie Hemment’s research has focused on Russia in the post-Soviet period. She specializes in Russia, post-socialism, gender and transition, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and global civil society, feminist anthropology, Participatory Action Research Methodology and public anthropology. Hemment’s work is in the tradition of community-oriented action anthropology, aimed at not only studying communities, but also addressing their needs and striving to build their capabilities.

Her book Empowering Women in Russia Activism, Aid, and NGOs (Indiana University Press, 2007), which is a first-hand account of social activism and the politics of development in post-socialist Russia, has met with outstanding reviews. During her Family Research Scholar year, Hemment developed a collaborative project to explore and promote community service learning (CSL) in Russia entitled “Youth Voluntarism and the Restructuring of Social Assistance Programs in Provincial Russia.” She authored seven proposals as a Family Research Scholar and was awarded six of these proposals, including an award from the National Science Foundation.