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Jennifer Whitehill

PhD, Assistant Professor, Health Promotion and Policy, School of Public Health and Health Sciences



Dr. Whitehill’s research centers on preventing injuries, from a variety of mechanisms (e.g., motor vehicle crashes, poisonings, gun violence), among youth and young adults. Her current work focuses on substance use as a risk factor for injury and on the injury implications of cannabis legalization. She also studies the role of new media technologies such as mobile devices and social networking sites as both a risk factor for injury and as a possible avenue for prevention.

During her CRF year, Dr. Whitehill proposes to identify associations between state policies, community factors, and individual factors and drug-involved motor vehicle crashes (MVC). Her study will provide a comprehensive look at the problem of drug- and polysubstance-involved MVCs in the U.S. and yield insights relevant to policymakers and public health advocates seeking to reduce the burden of drug-impaired driving on individuals, families, and society.