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Christina Rowley



Methodology Scholarship, Graduate Student Dissertation Award

School or College: 

College of Natural Sciences


Dr. Maureen Perry-Jenkins


Christina Rowley is a doctoral student in the Clinical Psychology program, working with Dr. Maureen Perry-Jenkins. Her research interests involve the unique challenges facing multiethnoracial (MER) families and how factors within and between intersecting cultures influence children’s socioemotional development. Her research aims to identify whether disparities exist in perceived and biological indicators of stress for MER compared to monoethnoracial (MoER) families, as well as identify modifiable sources of stress, such as low social support, during early parenthood.

Research Proposal Title: 

Parental Conflict in the Context of Multiracial Relationships


Research Topic: Stress and Ethnoracial Composition of Parent Dyads 

Christina’s research investigates how context, such as, socioeconomic status, ethnicity/race, family dynamics, community and family support, influence families’ mental health..This research has studied the experience of conflict, stress, and social support in MER families with the goal of using these findings to inform early parenting interventions. Christina will study how these relational outcomes influence the socioemotional development of the multiracial child and she will implement evidence and community-informed early interventions to improve family outcomes.


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