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Chavon Hamilton



Graduate Grant Writers Program

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School of Public Health and Health Sciences


Aline Gubrium


Chavon Hamilton-Burgess is a PhD candidate in the department of Health Promotion and Policy, with a concentration in Community Health Education, under the mentorship of Dr. Aline Gubrium. Her research seeks to understand the critical life events over the life course of Black women using the weathering hypothesis framework. Her work will inform interventions to address maternal health disparities among Black women.


In the United States, Black women have a long history of poor maternal health outcomes, even when controlling for education and socio-economic status. Yet little is known about the critical life events experienced by Black women that could potentially have an impact on their birthing experience.  

Emerging literature has begun to explore the weathering hypothesis as a determinant of adverse maternal health outcomes among Black women due to cumulative stress over the life course. This study seeks to understand critical life events of Black women, that contribute to this cumulative stress. An understanding of the experiences of Black women, and the implications to their health, could provide an opportunity to improve birthing experiences for this population. 

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