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Cecilia Yuxi Zhou



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College of Social and Behavioral Sciences


Erica Scharrer


Yuxi Zhou is a PhD student in the Department of Communication. Under the mentorship of Professor Erica Scharrer, her current research broadly focuses on examining the role of media and technology in adolescents’ lives as well as media literacy education. Her dissertation will examine the role of culture and parenting style in children’s media use at home, how these factors interact with children’s own agencies and experiences with media use and how they influence the online opportunities and risks children have.


The current research examined middle-class Chinese parents’ perspectives on their pre-adolescent children’s (age 10-12) media and technology use and parental mediation. More specifically, this research delves into understanding why parents have such perspectives and adopt certain forms of mediation by situating the discussion within the social and cultural context they live in. The research is significant for three reasons: first, it added to the richness of the field of parental mediation research, which usually takes place in Western societies. Second, it provided evidence that parents’ concern of media and parental mediation are highly situated in the culture and social context they live in and are related to the public discourse. Third, it can provide practical implications for organizations, media literacy educators and advocates who would like to provide workshops and guidelines for parents and children by lining out parental priorities and concerns. Only by situating media education in the local context can it be fully embraced by children and parents, which in turn can help them adjust to the opportunities and challenges media and technology brings.  

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