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Bi-sek Hsiao

Research Fellow



Dissertation Award

School or College: 

School of Public Health and Health Sciences


Dr. Lindiwe Sibeko


Bi-sek Hsiao is a PhD candidate in Nutrition in the School of Public Health and Health Sciences. Under Dr. Lindiwe Sibeko, Bi-sek’s dissertation research examines the ways that breastfeeding interacts with stress from multiple sources (e.g. neighborhood deprivation, discrimination, interpersonal violence, food insecurity, pregnancy stress) and the potential for breastfeeding to improve health outcomes for African American families.


Research Topic: Breastfeeding as a Protective Factor for African American Women

African American/Black families in the US suffer a pervasive burden of maternal and child health inequities. The postpartum period is a critical transition period when exposures to protective factors such as breastfeeding can have long lasting effects on the health of mothers, children, and future generations. This research will expand the knowledge of protective factors that build resilience and resistance to disease. Breastfeeding’s potential to intervene in the chronic stress pathway can improve the trajectory of health for future generations, and reduce population gaps in health, especially for African American families.


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