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Aline Gubrium

Associate Professor and Program Head, Community Health Education
Family Research Scholar, 2017-2018



A medical anthropologist working in the field of public health, Aline Gubrium's research focuses on "narrative intervention" to address health inequities and social inequality in the lives of marginalized young parents and families. Gubrium is an experienced digital storytelling facilitator and is at the forefront of researchers using the approach in research, intervention, and advocacy contexts. Recently, she has been funded by the Ford Foundation to conduct a digital storytelling project focused on sexual and reproductive health, rights, and justice with young parenting Latinas and an NIH-funded project assessing the use of digital storytelling for sexual and reproductive health promotion with nulliparous, pregnant, and/or parenting young Latinas. Gubrium's 2013 and 2015 books explain participatory visual and digital methodologies for social research, health promotion and practice, and action.