Associate Professor, Political Science
Family Research Scholar 2015-16

Tatishe Nteta focuses his research on the contradictory theories that fathers’ political viewpoints are correlated with the gender of their children. One set of scholars has found that daughters lead fathers to support more conservative positions and to identify with the Republican Party. Others have found that men with daughters exhibit more liberal attitudes on a range of issues; indicating support for the Democratic Party. 


As a CRF Scholar, Nteta will be developing a grant proposal titled, “The Political Effects of Children: Public Opinion, Political Behavior, and the Transformative Impact of Fatherhood.” Using a multi-method approach, this project seeks to provide a more definitive analysis of the impact that fathering a daughter has on the political attitudes and behaviors of men in the United States.

CRF Grants:
Faculty Research Grant/Healey Endowment Grant

"Public Opinion, Political Identity, Participation & the Transformative Impact of Fatherhood"

Proposal submitted February 15, 2015 

Grant Status: Pending
Tatishe Nteta