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“Psychopathology and Stigma, Empirical Science and Narrative: The Need for Integration”

Stephen Hinshaw, Ph.D.

Professor of Psychology & Vice-Chair for Psychology

Department of Psychiatry

University of California, Berkeley

Event Date(s):
March 24, 2016 1:00 pm
| 1:00pm
Campus Center, Room 917, University of Massachusetts Amherst


Recent News

Prof. Haydon considers CRF “a natural fit” for her research interests, which include attachment processes and romantic relationship development in adolescents and adults.

Dr. Laura Vandenberg's study could reveal whether exposure to EDCs have permanent health effects on pregnant mothers, creating a legacy of permanent biological and psychological effects.

The Center for Research on Families is proud to announce the winners for this Fall’s Student Travel Award. This semester, CRF has awarded a $300 travel award to Sarah Reedy, a PhD student in the Anthropology department, and a $300 travel award to PhD student Amy Newberg of the Psychological and Brain Sciences Department.

Every fall the Center for Research on Families hosts a roundtable attended by our student scholars, which provides an opportunity for our dissertation and undergraduate students to present and discuss their work. CRF funds students from a broad academic background every year to support their dissertation and undergraduate research work.