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Public Engagement Project Co-founder Amy Schalet Releases New Book

Amy Schalet, Assistant Professor of Sociology and co-founder of the Public Engagement Project (PEP), released a new book this November titled Not Under My Roof: Parents, Teens and the Culture of Sex.  In addition to national and international attention Not Under My Roof has been featured on NPR,, The Huffington Post, and Ontario Today. Full reviews can be found here: (NPRSalon.comThe Huffington Post, and Ontario Today)

According to Jillian Henderson of University of California San Francisco, Schalet’s work, “gleans the perspectives of teens and their parents in both the U.S. and Holland, offering poignant insight into the struggles over emerging sexuality that occur in the transition from adolescence to adulthood.  Hers is a lucid window into another culture that may help us to more clearly see ourselves.”

Published by University of Chicago Press, Not Under My Roof  offers a ”probing analysis of the way family culture shapes not just sex but also alcohol consumption and parent-teen relationships.”  In the Netherlands, where teenage pregnancies are far less frequent than in the United States, parents aim above all for family cohesiveness, often permitting young couples to sleep together and providing them with contraceptives.  Using personal stories of parents and teens, a sociologically and historically-informed analysis, and a roadmap for guiding American social policy on adolescent sexual health, Not Under My Roof is especially relevant for parents and those who work in adolescent development, education, and health care.

For those in the Amherst area, check out Not Under My Roof and meet the author at an upcoming book signing at Food for Thought Books (106 N. Pleasant St.) in downtown Amherst on November 14th at 7PM.  Details for the event can be found on their page:

For more info about Amy Schalet, please visit:

The Public Engagement Project, of which Schalet is a co-founder, is a collaborative initiative of the Center for Research on Families, the Center for Public Policy and Administration, the Department of Sociology and the Psychology of Peace and Violence Program. Please visit PEP’s page here: