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Nilanjana Dasgupta (FRS '06-'07 & '12-'13) Interviewed for National Science Foundation's Women's History Month Feature

Nilanjana Dasgupta (FRS '06-'07 & '12-'13) describes her research in the National Science Foundation: One focus of our work has been on psychological and learning environment characteristics that influence young women’s entry into STEM-based academic majors in colleges and universities. We find that changes in the local culture of classrooms and academic departments can make a real difference in the likelihood that a woman will choose STEM. Interventions are most effective when students are at transition points, such as when they move from high school to college, or early in college when they choose an academic major. Broadly speaking, the gender-based context of the classroom or lecture hall, as well as the gender of teachers, advisors and mentors, all play a role in women’s interest in STEM. Read the article here.