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Methodology Consulting Services Welcomes New Team Member

CRF is pleased to welcome Angela Pazzaglia to the team of methodology consultants (MCS).

Angela is currently working on her dissertation in the Cognitive Psychology program, and she is trained in multivariate ANOVA and regression, hierarchical linear modeling, structural equation modeling, linear mixed effects models, and Signal Detection Theory and ROC analysis.

Consultation services include methodological design, data preparation and analysis, interpretation of results, and formal presentation of results including method, results, and planned analysis sections of papers and grants.  MCS has particular expertise in methods for analyzing non-experimental data that arises in studies of families and dyads.  

Angela's clients through the MCS have included faculty and graduate students from the UMass community in Journalism, Anthropology, Geosciences, and Political Science.  Her clients also include graduate students from the University of Connecticut and Roosevelt University.

Angela joins a group of faculty, CRF staff, and other advanced graduate students, who make up the team of consultants for CRF’s methodology program.  In 2010-2011, MCS consultants provided 228 hours of individual research and data consultation on a variety of topics and fields.  

The first five hours of consultation service are free to UMass faculty in the College of Natural Sciences and the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences. Services are also available to faculty and students outside CNS and SBS for an hourly fee.

Requests are handled on a first come first served basis. Email the following detailing your consultation needs and your availability for a free initial intake appointment.

For more details please visit the Methodology Consulting Services page.