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Gender Inequity in Employment Exposed During Covid-19 Pandemic

Gender at Work, a transnational feminist organization working to end discrimination against women and build cultures of inclusion, recently published a story citing the work of former Family Research Scholar, Nancy Folbre. Folbre (FRS 2007-08), professor of economics, emeritus, research has focused on care work, "work that involves connecting to other people, trying to help people meet their needs. The article discusses the disproportionate amount of women being forced into unemployment during the pandemic. Read the article here

Devon Greyson, FRS 2019-20, Discusses Vaccine Roll-Out Messaging with MassLive

Professor of Communications and former Family Research Scholar, Devon Greyson recently spoke with MassLive to discuss public perceptions of information being shared by experts about Covid-19 vaccines. Greyson states "There is a struggle right now between individual thinking and trust in our authorities and experts." Read more of the interview here. Dr. Greyson also discussed the topic of vaccine information, misinformation and trust with Bloomberg, you can listen to the discussion here.