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CRF Scholars In the News: April 2013

Nancy Folbre, past CRF Scholar (’07-’08) and professor of economics, writes in the Ecomomix blog about the costs and benefits of the social welfare system in Denmark and what overall effect it has on that country’s economy. (New York Times, 4/29/13)

New CRF Scholar Joya Misra (’13-’14), professor of sociology, says most parents don’t have the option of staying home to care for their children so they have to find ways to handle the cost of childcare. She says a system of public childcare is needed to give parents better, less expensive options. (, 4/12/13; Yahoo! Canada Finance, 4/11/13)

In her Economix blog, Nancy Folbre discusses the thinking behind efforts to “scrap the cap,” or the limit on earned income subject to Social Security taxes, currently set at $113,700. (New York Times, 4/8/13)

Jonathan Rosa, new CRF Scholar (’13-’14) and professor of anthropology, appeared on “Melissa Harris-Perry” to discuss the negative connotations associated with the term “illegal immigrant,” which was dropped from use last week by the Associated Press. (MSNBC, 4/6/13)

Jonathan Rosa has also been quoted in a variety of news sources regarding the terminology “illegal immigrant.” Rosa says he prefers the phrase “unauthorized migrant” to describe people who have in the country without proper papers. (, 4/4/13, Washington PostMinnesota Public Radio, 4/2/13) 

Amy Schalet, co-founder of PEP and professor of sociology, comments in a story about a new study that finds most young people don’t engage in consensual sex before their teen years. She says the “issues at stake” for younger children engaging in sex are much different than those faced by teen-agers. She also says younger children have much less access to contraception. (U.S. News & World, [both from HealthDay], 4/1/13)

Past Scholar (’10-’11) Rebecca Spencer, psychology, and Daniel Gordon, history, are interviewed on the local PBS show “Connecting Point.” Spencer discussed sleep research and Gordon talked about the cult of violence in western society. (WGBY-TV 57, 3/26/13)

 M.V. Lee Badgett, Past CRF Scholar (’04-’05), professor of economics, and director of the Center for Public Policy and Administration, comments on the economic benefits and costs if same-sex marriage is legalized. She says some same-sex couples stand to lose as much as $500,000 over their lifetime because they can’t get health insurance as a couple. She also says the government could reap the benefits of lower spending on cash assistance and Medicare spending and the overall economy would benefit from spending on weddings and other celebrations. Badgett also points out that same-sex couples face the downside of the marriage penalty in the federal tax system. (PBS NewsHour, 3/29/13; News Office assistance)

 Nancy Folbre writes in the Economix blog about changing gender roles and how that is exhibited in society. She says there is now a greater diversity in socially acceptable behavior by both men and women ranging from women who have an increasing number of top jobs in business to men who are stay-at-home dads who become bloggers. (New York Times, 4/1/13)