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CRF Scholar Krause Launches New Project at Conference of Europeanists

Elizabeth Krause

Elizabeth L. Krause will be presenting the paper "Support or Surveillance? Encounter Ethnography in a Fast-Fashion District" at the 19th International Conference of Europeanists, Council for European Studies, Boston, MA, March 22-24. She will present in a panel on “Immigrant Exclusion and Belonging in Europe: State Policies, Personal Politics,” organized by Carolyn Sargent, professor of anthropology at Washington University in St. Louis. This paper launches her new project, which has been recommended for funding from the National Science Foundation.

Krause, associate professor of anthropology, has continued to develop this research as part of her year as Family Research Scholar.  The Family Research Scholars Program provides selected faculty with the time, technical expertise, peer mentorship, and national expert consultation to prepare a large grant proposal for their research support. 

Krause’s research seeks to illuminate how families negotiate the terms of transnational capitalism and the novel models of social organization and practices that underwrite its dynamics in one region of southern Europe. Here, a demographic “crisis” of very low fertility collides with an economic “crisis” of globalization. The “family” as a social unit has become politically charged. An industrial district in Central Italy serves as an ethnographic laboratory to explore how two populations contend with the structural inequalities, power dynamics and governing strategies of globalization.

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