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CRF Announces 2019 Graduate Student Grant Writing Program Cohort

CRF has developed a program to facilitate and support graduate students in the development of successful graduate fellowship applications. 


We are pleased to announce the 2019 cohort that will work alongside faculty program lead Dr. Rebecca Spencer in developing NIH and NSF grant fellowship applications. Seven graduate scholars were selected to receive mentoring and support from CRF faculty, staff and peers throughout the grant development process, including: development, refinement and communication of research ideas, approach, and methodology.

More information about the program can be found here.




Natasha De La Rosa-Rivera, Neuroscience and Behavior; Mentor: Rosemary Cowell
Parsing the Ventral stream into Representations: Recognition Memory in Perirhinal and Early Visual Cortex

Jasmine Dixon, Clinical Psychology; Mentor: Rebecca Ready
Depressive Symptoms as a Mediator in the Longitudinal Associations Between Psychosocial Stress and Cognitive Decline in a Multi-Ethnic Sample of Midlife Women

Robert Marcotte, Kinesiology; Mentor: John Sirard
Novel Accelerometer Methodologies and Data Processing for estimating Free-living Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviors

Sarah McCormick, Developmental Science; Mentor: Kirby Deater- Deckard
Home Environment Influences on Social Cognitive Development 

Annie McGrew, Economics; Mentor: Lawrence King 
Familial Incarceration and Women’s Work

Irina Orlovsky, Clinical Psychology; Mentor: Bruna Martins
Exploring the role of autobiographical memory (AM) in emotion regulation among younger and older adults

Christina Rowley, Clinical Psychology; Mentor: Maureen Perry- Jenkins
Parental Conflict in the Context of Multiracial Relationships