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CRF Announces 2012 Travel Awards to Young Family Researchers in Anthropology and Psychology

The Center for Research on Families is pleased to announce that Milena Marchesi, Holly Grant-Marsney, and Rosanna Breaux are the recipients of its Fall Family Research Travel Award. Milena Marchesi, an Anthropology Doctoral student received the top award of $300 for her paper, “‘All in the Family’: New Solidarities and Moral Gift Economies in the Post-Welfare State in Italy.”

Marchesi (pictured above) presented her paper this November at the 111th Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association in San Francisco, CA. Her research explores the idea that the individual as a social being and society as a moral system are based on reciprocal obligations and gifts. She looks specifically at the conflict faced by the neoliberal restructuring that has occurred in the Eurozone and examines how Italy is using a new welfare model that rejects the “cold public administration” and the bureaucratic state in favor of the “warmth and solidarity of the gift” that begins with the family. This paper, based on fieldwork research in Milan in 2006-07, investigates the new moral logics of solidarity and the struggles to articulate a political alternative. In the process, it reveals the centrality of the realms of the family and reproduction to the “new welfare” model and the profound implications that the turn away from the social state and toward a moral economy of personal obligations carries for women’s citizenship, health, and political rights.Her most recent publication (2012), titled “Reproducing Italians: Contested Biopolitics in the Age of ‘Replacement Anxiety,’” was published as part of a special issue she co-edited for the journal Anthropology & Medicine.

Winners of the Supplemental Travel Awards are:

Holly Grant-Marsney, Clinical Psychology: “Adolescents’ Attachment to Adoptive Parents: Predicting Attachment Styles in Emerging Adulthood,” presented at the Society for Research in Child Development Conference in Tampa, FL.


Rosanna Breaux, Clinical Psychology: “The Role of Parent Pychopathology in the Developmental Trajectories of Preschool Children with Behavior Problems,” presented at the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies Convention in National Harbor, MD.


CRF is proud to provide these travel awards in order to provide students with the ability to improve their research, presenting skills, and networks. Conferences are extremely beneficial for the future career of a student but are also very expensive, so CRF is committed to assisting students who want to present at conferences.

Another round of CRF Family Research Travel Awards will be given this spring for conference travel in 2013.  The Travel Awards are given to graduate students who have written outstanding papers or posters on issues of family research with their research team and are presenting the paper at a national research conference.  The deadline for the Spring Family Research Travel Award is February 25, 2013. Applications will be available here in January.