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Rebecca Spencer on the Importance of Sleep for Kids in School

Dr. Rebecca Spencer, Family Research Scholar 2010-2011, was featured on Mass Appeal, providing insights on the sleep needs of students and offering advice for parents on how to ensure their child is getting enough sleep. How much sleep does a child really need, and why is it important for learning? Tune into Dr. Spencer’s interview here to learn more.  

Nilanjan Dasgupta’s Research Outcomes on Making STEM Inclusive

Nilanjan Dasgupta, CRF Family Research Scholar 2006-2007 and 2012-2013, authored an article,  sharing the results of over 25 years of research on educational environments. Dasgupta offers solutions on how certain features of educational environments can act as “social vaccines” to protect against social identity threat, specifically for female-identifying students, students of color, and working-class students in STEM classrooms. To learn more about the ways that educators can protect these students and help them find their place in the field, read the full article here. 

Former FRS Tatishe Nteta on MA Primary Elections

Former CRF Family Research Scholar 2014-2015, Tatishe Nteta, was recently interviewed on GBH news, weighing in on the effects of early voting in the recent Massachusetts primary elections and forecasting outcomes for the upcoming November election. Watch the news story here to hear more of Tatishe’s insights.