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Meet the Methodology Consulting Team

Consulting services and expertise are provided by a team of faculty, CRF staff and advanced graduate students. Dr. Holly Laws oversees the consulting services and provides direct consultation, as well as ongoing supervision of the other team members.

Aline Sayer profileDr. Holly Laws
Director, Methodology Program

Dr. Laws joined the CRF Methodology Program as Co-Director in Fall 2017. Formerly an Associate Research Scientist in Yale University's Psychiatry Department, Dr. Laws also serves as a research psychologist in the VA Connecticut Healthcare System. Her research focuses on using novel statistical methodologies to examine processes within close relationships implicated in mental and physical health. She has conducted multiple methodological workshops on the topic of multilevel modeling, including longitudinal, dyadic and daily diary applications. She received a Career Development Award from the VA's Rehabilitation Research and Development service, a study using dyadic methodology to examine and compare associations between relationship quality and well-being in male and female veterans and their relationship partners.

Lisa Fiorenzo profileDongwei Wang
Staff Methodology Consultant

Dongwei joined CRF in Spring 2018 as a Methodology Consultant and also serves as a Data Manager/Analyst for Rudd Adoption Program. She graduated from University at Buffalo where she had her training in quantitative research methodology which includes ANOVA, regression, hierarchical linear modeling, survival analyses. She also has knowledge of several statistical packages, such as SPSS, HLM, R, and SAS. She will be helping clients with research design, statistical analyses as well as results interpretation using her backgrounds in research methodology and experience conducting research using large-scale data.

Lisa Fiorenzo profileAlice Coyne
Staff Methodology Consultant

Alice joined CRF in Fall 2017 as a staff methodology consultant. She has statistical training in ANOVA, regression, multilevel modeling, structural equation modeling, intensive longitudinal analyses and multilevel structural equation modeling. She has a working knowledge of multiple statistical packages such as SPSS, HLM, LISREL and MPlus. As a consultant, she will help clients develop their plans for data analysis, conduct analyses and assist with the interpretation of results. She has recently attended workshops on analyzing intensive longitudinal data and multilevel structural equation modeling. Alice also currently serves as the teaching assistant for the graduate HLM course.

Joel Ginn
Staff Methodology Consultant
Joel joined CRF in Spring 2018 as a methodology consultant. He has been trained in ANOVA, regression, and HLM and works primarily with SPSS and the PROCESS macro, though he has some training in HLM, MPlus, and R. As a consultant, Joel works with clients to conduct and interpret analyses and can aid in developing plans for data analysis. In his own work he studies the underlying psychology of climate change motivations, specifically why people do, or do not, choose to reduce their meat consumption for environmental reasons.


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