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A familiar face around the CRF offices, Dot Gavin '43 is a generous donor.

How We Got Here

The leadership gift provided by Dorothy D. (‘43) and Joseph G. Gavin, Jr. in 1996 helped pave the way for the eventual expansion of the Center for Research on Families into the thriving organization that it is today. CRF's growth since 2003 has resulted in multimillion dollar increases in federal funding for family research and a dramatic rise in national and international research collaborations—thanks in large part to the generous support of its new and existing donor base. Your donation of any size can make a big difference. Please visit CRF's giving portal to make a donation in support of our initiatives. The steering committee, staff and affiliates of the Center for Research on Families thank you for your generous support! For faculty affiliates and staff wishing to make a gift to CRF, please be aware that the University's Faculty and Staff Campaign—an annual matching program—runs from September to December.

Why it Matters

The Center for Research on Families, through its research, mentoring, and outreach to underserved communities addresses many issues that can significantly increase the ability for individuals, children, and families to lead healthy, successful lives. To learn more about the work that some of our CRF scholars have done in the following areas click on the links below:

Promoting Social, Health and Economic Equity

Building Emotional Health in Children

Cultivating Positive Parenting

Increasing Access and Success in Education 

Uncovering Connections between Stress & Health 

Combating Effects of Environmental Toxins