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CRF Family Research Scholars Application

Family Research Scholars FAQApply below for the 2023-2024 Family Research Scholars Program

Application deadline: Thursday February 9, 2023


UMass Faculty from all ranks and all departments are eligible. Representation across disciplines is desired. Proposals will be rated based on the suitability and appropriate timing of the proposed project for external funding, relevance to issues affecting families, and intellectual merit and broader significance. Applicants from underrepresented backgrounds are strongly encouraged to apply.

To Apply

Please describe the grant application you anticipate preparing in three pages. Your application should describe a well-conceptualized project and indicate your readiness for drafting a large grant proposal immediately when the seminars begin in September of 2023. Please email Gisele Litalien at if you encounter any difficulty submitting your application form.

A. Application Requirements (within the three-page limit):

  1. A proposed title which communicates the focus of your research
  2. The research problem and your specific contribution in this area
  3. The significance of the proposed research project for which you will be seeking funding (demonstrate your preparedness for this program; tell us why this project matters broadly)
  4. Relevance to family research: Tell us why your project matters to families.
  5. Methodology (include the feasibility of this particular methodological approach).
  6. List the sponsor(s) to whom you anticipate submitting the proposal, its deadlines, and a well-conceptualized rationale for approaching these funders (including links to the announcement, if possible)
  7. Any external sponsored research support already received (prior funding does not impact your selection for the program)
  8. Please tell us the name of the departmental administrator or bookkeeper with whom we would work with to coordinate your course buyout. 

Note: Please keep in mind that reviewers may not be from your discipline. We strongly encourage you to describe your research in such a way that it will be understood by people outside of your discipline.
B. Additional Required Materials (outside of the three-page limit):

  • A one-paragraph abstract of the proposal including the title
  • Current C.V.
  • FRS Program Participation Agreement Form (MOU), Faculty from the School for Public Health and Health Sciences please contact Gisele Litalien via email for a separate MOU. Complete the fillable form, print and provide both your signature and signature of your Department Chair.

C. Optional Materials (outside of the three-page limit):
You may choose to include references regarding the research project as part of your proposal.

Submission Procedures

To apply, please fill out the online form below. Questions may be directed to Gisele Litalien via email.


Contact Details
Application Components
Please create a One Drive Folder labelled FIRST & LAST NAME '23FRS Application. Name each document with this format: LAST NAME_ FIRST NAME _DOCUMENT NAME (i.e. DOE_JANE_ CV). Make sure to include the following 4 documents: 1) 3 page Application (including title) 2) One-paragraph abstract of the proposal (including title) 3) Current C.V. 4) FRS Program Participation Agreement Form 5) Any additional materials you would like to submit. When your file is complete please share this One Drive folder with Gisele Litalien,