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Covid-19 Related Research


The Center for Research on Families recognizes how challenging the past year has been for families, students, faculty, and researchers alike. Our lives have been dramatically affected by the pandemic that has hit our global community. With so many unknowns and the uncertainty this brings, we remain focused on what we do know. We know we need good science to address Covid-19; and we know we need to support families, now more than ever. We need to use our combined expertise, our creativity, and resilience to address this challenge. Our hope is that we emerge from this unprecedented moment in time stronger, with new ways of thinking and collaborating that will advance the health and well-being of all families

During the pandemic, CRF continues to provide all our core services including public lectures hosted through our Tay Gavin Erickson Lecture Series, a key component of the Family Research Scholars Program, graduate student seminars and programming, methodology consultation, and facilitating racial justice workshops among many other services. Below are a few highlights of the important Covid-19 related work being done by our current and past researchers from various departments across campus.

  • Brenda Bushouse (FRS 2006-07), associate professor of political science and public policy received funding for grant to study the effects of COVID-19 relief programs on nonprofit arts and cultural organizations in New York City