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Survey Design: A primer to evaluate scale properties & questionnaire design

Social scientists often rely on scales and questionnaires to assess underlying traits we can't directly observe. These tools are critical to good research, but how do you evaluate the quality of your scales? 

During this 2-hour workshop we will address issues of questionnaire design as well as how to test several qualities of your data. We will cover commonly used methods (e.g. Reliability Analysis, Confirmatory Factor Analysis) as well as methods that may be less familiar in some fields.

This is a beginner level workshop and doesn't require your own data  or experience with survey design. Data and syntax will be provided for participants to follow along (in RStudio) so a laptop with RStudio is suggested. No prior experience with R is required.

Friday, April 26, 2019 -
12:30pm to 2:30pm
Room W245, South College UMass Amherst

Joel Ginn Staff Methodology Consultant

Joel joined CRF in Spring 2018 as a methodology consultant. He has been trained in ANOVA, regression, and HLM and works primarily with SPSS and the PROCESS macro, though he has some training in HLM, MPlus, and R. As a consultant, Joel works with clients to conduct and interpret analyses and can aid in developing plans for data analysis. In his own work he studies the underlying psychology of climate change motivations, specifically why people do, or do not, choose to reduce their meat consumption for environmental reasons.