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[Postponed] Methodogical Innovations in Psychological Science: "Maternal Regulation of Child Biobehavioral Stress"

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Amie Hane, Ph.D,  Williams College

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12:45 pm- 2:00 pm
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October 10, 2013
Tobin 521B

[Postponed  - New date will be posted soon!]

Clinical Psychology Colloquium Series presents

Methodogical Innovations in Psychological Science

"Maternal Regulation of Child Biobehavioral Stress: Methods to Identify the ‘Hidden Regulators’ Embedded in the Ordinary"
Hane’s work focuses on the social regulation of reactivity to stress and novelty, including examination of 1) the role of early-occurring maternal caregiving behavior in shaping stress physiology and behavioral reactivity; and 2) the dynamic interplay between quality of caregiver-child interactions and child temperament in shaping the development of risk and resilience across development. Topics Studied in the Temperament, Emotion, and Relationship Processes Laboratory (TERP Lab ) include: Maternal caregiving behavior, maternal expressed emotion, interpretive bias, infant/child temperament, neuroendocrine and cardiac reactivity to stress, behavioral inhibition, behavioral exuberance, social competence, and health and behavioral risk from infancy through middle childhood.
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