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Methodological Innovations in Psychological Science: "PROCESS: Review of a New Tool for Moderation and Mediation Analyses"

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Dr. Lickel’s research focuses on how people interpret events in intergroup conflicts and how these interpretations affect their emotions, self-concepts, and support for different social and political policies.  A key assumption in his work is that understanding people’s emotions is important for unlocking the processes that amplify or reduce intergroup conflict.  Recently, much of his work has examined what determines the emotions that occur in the context of violent intergroup conflicts and how these emotions predict support or opposition to intergroup aggression.  Besides understanding people’s reactions to these macro-conflicts, he also studies emotional reactions in interpersonal situations where inter-group conflicts come into play (such as people’s reactions to observing anti-Muslim discrimination in the United States).

Thursday, December 5, 2013 - 12:45pm
Tobin 521B
Free and open to the public

Brian Lickel, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Psychology, University of Massachusetts