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Stress Biomarkers Summer 2023 Virtual Workshop

This  virtual workshop will introduce participants to the field of biomarkers of acute and chronic stress. The workshop will begin with an overview of the stress concept and the incorporation of allostasis theory and allostatic load to the field of stress research. We will then introduce the main theme of biomarkers for measuring stress reactivity. Topics include

  • Why you should include biomarker measures in your research
  • What you can measure
  • Where different endocrine, immune, epigenetic, and
  • ...

Introduction to Dyadic Data Analysis

This virtual two and half-day workshop will cover an introduction to conducting dyadic data analysis using a structural equation modeling framework in Mplus. The workshop will introduce the conceptual and statistical background for dyadic data analysis. Common applications of dyadic modeling, including the Actor-Partner Interdependence Model (APIM), decomposition of interdependence effects in APIM, and power analysis for APIM will be introduced. Longitudinal applications will also be covered with a light touch. Example datasets and associated Mplus syntax will be provided.