Assistant Professor, Sociology
Family Research Scholar 2012-13

Fareen Parvez’s research has focused on the politicization of Islamic revival movements in France and India. During her time as a Family Research Scholar, Dr. Parvez will prepare a grant proposal for the project entitled Debt, dowry, and labor migration: reconfiguring family life among the Indian Muslim urban poor. In this research, Dr. Parvez will explore how the meaning and experience of family relations in low-income Muslim communities are being transformed under the related pressures of high-interest debts, the marriage practice of dowry, and male labor migration to Gulf countries. While previous work has approached these issues through a lens of criminality or rational-choice decisions related to marriage markets, this project will shift the focus to the interaction of these three phenomena and their broader placement in the context of India’s economic liberalization and intense marketization. In examining the reconfiguration of routine family life, the research will have significance for urban and global sociology as well studies of gender and migration. 

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