Assistant Professor, Political Science
Family Research Scholar 2011-12

Angélica Bernal’s research includes political innovation and founding, popular constitutionalism, and indigenous rights and movements in Latin America. During her year as a CRF Scholar, Dr. Bernal will develop a grant research proposal on The Impact of Petroleum Contamination, Litigation & Legal Activism on Indigenous Families in Ecuador’s Amazonian Region.  This research will study power in

contexts of great inequality that involve actors across different political levels: local, national, and transnational.  By shifting the focus from larger actors and dynamics to examining the impact upon those affected, particularly indigenous families, this research hopes to present a more nuanced study of the complex issues surrounding this case.  The specific relevance to family research will be to provide a better understanding of the impact of environmental pollution and litigation upon affected families, a perspective that remains obscured in the literature.

CRF Grants:

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