Associate Professor, Psychological and Brain Sciences
Family Research Scholar 2013-14
Agnès Lacreuse’s research addresses the biological factors that contribute to differential aging trajectories in males and females. Because human cognition is strongly influenced by sociocultural and environmental factors, sex differences in cognitive and brain aging may be best studied in an appropriate primate model. As a Family Research Scholar, she will develop a grant proposal for the National Institutes of Health entitled, “Sex Differences in Cognitive and Brain Aging: a Primate Model.” Her studies will use the common marmoset, a small primate whose lifespan of about 8 years provides a unique opportunity to assess longitudinal changes in brain and cognition throughout old age. Lacreuse will use her data to identify possible targets for sex-specific interventions designed to promote cognitive health throughout the lifespan in aging men and women.    
CRF Grants:
National Institutes of Health

"Sex Differences in Cognitive and Brain Aging: A Primate Model"

Five year grant awarded FY2015

Grant Status: Active
Agnès Lacreuse