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Effects of Air Pollution on Human Health: Science, Public Policy, and Controversy

Isolating Study & Community-Level Patterns Using Meta-Analytic Techniques: How Stigma Relates to HIV Prevention Interventions for African Americans

Psychopathology and Stigma, Empirical Science and Narrative: The Need for Integration

Equity in Breastfeeding: Where we have been? Where should we be heading?

Mediation and Moderation Using PROCESS in SPSS

How to Prepare an ISSR or CRF Scholars Proposal

Public Engagement Project: "Want to Reach the General Public?"

Effects of Age and Hearing Ability on Perception of Spanish-accented English

Methodology Seminar: “Recidivism and Recovery: Analyzing Event History Data Using R”

Social Work & Social Justice Education Symposium

DEADLINE: Graduate Student Awards in Family Research

Youth Politics in Putin's Russia: Producing Patriots and Entrepreneurs

Public Engagement Project: "Making Your Research Public"

Hierarchical Linear Models I: Introduction

Models for Categorical Outcomes Using Stata (Cancelled)

Analyzing Intensive Longitudinal Data

Analyzing Developmental Trajectories

New Worlds of Adoption: Launching into Adulthood

Family and the Reproduction of Political Inequality

Putting the Education Back in “Educational” Apps--CANCELLED

The Development of Multisensory Communication Skills in Infancy

RESCHEDULED! Public Engagement: "How to Get Your Research Out There"

Biomonitoring, Chemical Exposures and Human Health

Couple-Focused Prevention at the Transition to Parenthood

How to Prepare an ISSR or CRF Scholars Proposal

How to Prepare an ISSR or CRF Scholars Proposal

Book Reading: Unequal Time: Gender, Class, and Family in Employment Schedules

Orientation to Add Health: A Data Goldmine for Interdisciplinary Research

Hierarchical Linear Models I: Introduction

Models for Categorical Outcomes Using Stata: Specification, Estimation, and Interpretation

Analyzing Intensive Longitudinal Data

Analyzing Developmental Trajectories

Coping with Menopause: Hot Flashes, Sleep Disruptions and Cognitive Impairment

Analyzing Family and Dyadic Data Using Structural Equation Modeling (SEM): Cancelled

Welfare State and Gender Stratification Across Classes

Language and the Early Development of Emotion Regulation

New Worlds of Adoption Conference: Helping Families Overcome Early Adversity

Modeling Dyadic Attunement: Using HLM to Model Relationship Process Over Time

Methodological Innovations in Psychological Science: "PROCESS: Review of a New Tool for Moderation and Mediation Analyses"

Methodogical Innovations in Psychological Science: "Complications in Mixed Methods Research"

Methodogical Innovations in Psychological Science: "Maternal Regulation of Child Biobehavioral Stress" [Postponed]

Development and Testing of Supportive Care Interventions for Patients with Medical Illness

The American Dream Is Not Dreamt in English Only: Latin@s and Linguistic Intolerance in the USA

U.S. Food Insecurity Then and Now: How Far Have We Come Since the 1980s?

The Role of Parents in Supporting Their Children's Achievements

The Workflow of Data Analysis using Stata

Analyzing Intensive Longitudinal Data

Analyzing Developmental Trajectories

Hierarchical Linear Models I: Introduction

Graphing Multilevel Models in Excel

The UMass Public Engagement Project Presents "The Engaged Campus: Giving Back to the Commonwealth and Beyond"

STEMing the Tide: How Female Experts and Peers Act as "Social Vaccines" for Girls and Women in STEM

Influences of Childhood Adversity on Health in Midlife: First Findings of a Longitudinal Study

Migrant Day Laborers, Neoliberalism, and the Struggle for Time

Drowning in Data? The Workflow of Data Analysis

Racism and Health: Findings, Questions and Directions

Can Meanings be Modeled? Exploring a Neural Networks Model of Culture

Dietary Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors for Cancer Prevention

New Worlds of Adoption: Contact Between Adoptive & Birth Families: What Works?

Building a Network that Extends into the Worlds you Hope to Influence

Learning How to Communicate Ideas Effectively to People Who Aren’t In Your Iwn field

Standardization and conformity: A Critique of New Zealand’s Early Childhood Neoliberal Politics

Family Policies, Employment and Poverty among Partnered and Single Mothers Cross-Nationally

Mayor Alex Morse

The Honorable Madeleine Kunin to Speak about Next Phase of Women’s Progress

Analyzing Incomplete Multilevel Data with HLM

Will I Ever Publish Again?...And Other Challenges for PIs.

How Does Sleep (or lack of it) Impact Your Life?

Isolating Study & Community-Level Patterns Using Meta-Analytic Techniques: How Stigma Relates to HIV Prevention Interventions for African Americans

Colloquium: A Call to Public Sociology: Inspiration and Insights from Sociological Images

I'm a PI, Now What? Workshop: Budgets

The Development of Self-Regulation in Early Childhood: Experiential Canalization of Brain and Behavior

Integrating Social-Emotional and Character Development into the Mission of All Schools: No Alibis. No Excuses. No Exceptions

School Discipline and School Climate: Is SEL or SWPBS the Best Approach?

I'm a PI, Now What? Workshop: Research

Graduate and Undergraduate Student Grants and Awards Deadline: Feb 17, 2012

Family Research Scholars 2012-2013 Application Deadline

Can College Procedures Be More Family-Friendly?

New Worlds of Adoption: Navigating the Teen Years

Hierarchical Linear Models I: Introduction

Analyzing Intensive Longitudinal Data

New England Workshop on Social Network Analysis

Analyzing Developmental Trajectories

Smart Policy: Using the Science of Early Brain Development to Inform Child Welfare System Programs and Practice

Studying Stories That Can Change Policy

How to Make Friends and Influence Policy: Working with State and Federal Policymakers

I'm a PI: Now What?

Inflammation and Its Discontents: The Role of the Immune System in the Pathophysiology of Depression

Early Environments, Stress, and the Eco-logics of Inflammation

Making Sense of the Role of Culture in Child Well-Being and Child Maltreatment

Modeling Diary Data with HLM

Hierarchical Linear Models I: Introduction

Analyzing Developmental Trajectories

Researching the Connected World: An Introduction to Social Network Analysis

The Causes and Consequences of Food Insecurity Among Refugees Resettled in the USA

Resiliency In The Face of Adversity: The Role Of Stressor Controllability And The Medial Prefrontal Cortex

Sleep in Aging and Dementia

Upper Extremity Stroke Rehabilitation: The Imperative For A Family/Clinician Team

Journeys to the Altar: The Intimate Union Pattern of Low Income Urban and Rural Mothers

The High Price of Caring: You Can't Count it!

Modeling Diary Data with HLM

Hierarchical Linear Models I: Introduction

Analyzing Developmental Trajectories

Researching the Connected World: An Introduction to Social Network Analysis

Rethinking Immigration and the Family in the Age of Global Vertigo

Social Exclusion: Morality, Prejudice, and Group Identity in Childhood

Workplace Flexibility For Low-Wage Workers: Benefits For Employees and Employers

The Dynamics of Information Processing in Infants: Eye-tracking and Neuroimaging

Spring Student Awards Deadline

Social Regulation of Human Gene Expression

Distinguished Faculty Lecture Series: “New Worlds of Adoption: Navigating Contact between Adoptive and Birth Families from Placement to Adulthood"

Group-Based Trajectory Modeling for the Medical and Social Sciences

Hierarchical Linear Modeling I: Introduction

Analyzing Intensive Longitudinal Data: A Guide to Diary, Experience Sampling and Ecological Momentary Assessment Methods

Public Engagement Project: Learn to Pitch Your Story

Public Engagement Project: History Communications in the 21st Century

How to Talk Like a Pirate: Introduction to the R Programming Language

Public Engagement Project: "Talking Truth: Finding Your Voice Around the Climate Crisis"

Using Community-Based Scholarship to Promote Health in An Emerging Latino Community

Open House: Healthy Development Initiative

Is Exercise Medicine? An Evolutionary Medical Perspective

"Ain't I A Woman?" and "I Am a Man": Intersectionality’s Travels from Black Feminist Theory to HIV Prevention and Sexuality Research with Black Men

Environmental Influences on Human Reproduction: Moving Beyond Individuals to Couples

The Environment of Childhood Poverty

Keynote Panel: Women, Incarceration and Carceral Feminism

Apply Now: Fall Student Awards

Apply Now: 2017 PEP Faculty Fellowship

What Counts? Including Public Engagement in Faculty Evaluation

Early-Life Chemical Exposures and Female Puberty-Related Outcomes in Animal Models

Universal Design For Learning 2017: A Framework Grows Up

METHODOLOGY SEMINAR--When Correlation Implies Causation: How to Remove Selection Bias in Observational Research

Regression Models for Categorical Outcomes: Specification, Estimation, and Interpretation

Public Engagement Project: "The Conversation" Training

Building Blocks: Promoting Healthy Habits Through Child Care

From Scallywag to Sea Dog: Intermediate Graphing in R

Running a Successful Research Lab: Lessons from the Trenches

“Domestic Violence and Experiences of Muslim Women”

CRF Graduate Student Family Research: Fall Travel Awards

DACA Teach-In

CRF / ISSR Scholar Program Info Session

Socioeconomic Inequality and Children’s Brain Development

Lecture: "Why Do Humans Have Difficult Childbirth and Helpless Newborns?" Karen Rosenberg, University of Delaware

Navigating Conflict: How Youth Handle Trouble in a High-Poverty School

CANCELLED--Reducing Chemical Risks to Families: Linking the External Chemical Exposure to Biological Effects and Reduction in Adverse Health Outcomes

Is Cognitive Therapy Enduring or are Antidepressants Iatrogenic?

Jamie Rowen (FRS "17-'18) Presents at Four @ Four, Fall 2017

Making Research Matter: Sharing Insights on Public Engagement

Opportunities and Challenges: Using Market-based Approaches to Encourage High Quality Nursing Home Care

Student Research Awards Program: Applications due March 21st!

Student Grant Writing Program

Brown Bag Brunch: "Targeted Recruitment Using Facebook"

Knowing Your Risks: The Effect of Information Representation on Risk Literacy

Center for Health Equity Research Launch Event With Guest Speaker Dr. David Williams

Methodology Workshop: introduction to the Battelle Developmental Inventory, Second Edition (BDI-2)

The Power of Partnerships: Research Evidence and Strategies for Success

Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II, Feinberg Series Keynote and Inaugural James Baldwin Lecture

Book Salon with Betsy Krause on Tight Knit: Global Families and the Social Life of Fast Fashion

Statistics in Social Sciences Reading Group

Statistics in Social Sciences Reading Group

Statistics in Social Sciences Reading Group

Statistics in Social Sciences Reading Group

Statistics in Social Sciences Reading Group

Statistics in Social Sciences Reading Group

Domestic Workers Building Dignity and Power, Past and Present

TAY GAVIN LECTURE SERIES - The Complexity of Factors Influencing the Risk of Crash Injury in Adolescents and Young Adults

How to Prepare an ISSR or CRF Scholars Proposal

TAY GAVIN ERICKSON - Mobile Health Smoking Cessation Interventions for People Living with HIV/AIDS

TAY GAVIN ERICKSON - The Arrival of Social Science Genomics

How to Conduct a Meta-Analysis in the Social Sciences

TAY GAVIN ERICKSON LECTURE SERIES - Reflecting on the positive past: Effects on Stress and Decision Making

Survey Design: A primer to evaluate scale properties & questionnaire design

Proposal: Illustrating your grant proposal: strategic graphic design in grant applications for beginners

Public Engagement in the Age of Social Media

Why are Intersectional Resistance Alliances so Difficult to Build?

BRiDGE Scholar Series: Dr. Richard Prather

DevSci seminar, Heather Richardson, FRS '10, “Alcohol has Different Effects on the Developing Brain in Adolescent Male and Female Rats”

Film Screening: "Fire and Flood: Queer Resilience in an Era of Climate Change"

Trauma Series Workshop: Empowering Professionals & Paraprofessionals with P.R.I.S.E.

"I'm a PI, Now What?" AY 19-20 Series

The Local Politics of Criminal Justice Reform

Center for Research on Families Open House

Tay Gavin Erickson Lecture- Get Better Faster: Intensive Trauma-Focused Psychotherapy

Item Response Theory (IRT) Seminar


CRF Family Research Scholars Info Session

TAY GAVIN ERICKSON LECTURE SERIES - Understanding and Addressing Racial Disparities in Pain and Pain Treatment

Graduate Student Specific Aims Development Workshops

TAY GAVIN ERICKSON LECTURE SERIES - The Impact of Language Brokering on Mexican American Adolescent Immigrants and their Families

TAY GAVIN ERICKSON LECTURE SERIES - BEYOND OPIOIDS: Adolescents' Misuse of Four Prescription Drug Classes

Nurstory Film Festival

Public Engagement Project: OpEd Writing Workshop with Scholars Strategy Network

The Craving Mind: From Cigarettes to Cupcakes to Smartphones, the Mechanisms Underlying How Mindfulness Helps Change Habits

COVID-19's Impact on Students: A Discussion with Local Leaders

Virtual - Ordinary Magic: Improving Our Resiliency

Register Now! Stress Biomarkers Summer 2020 Virtual Workshop

COVID-19: Social Scientists' Views on the Pandemic’s Impact & What Comes Next

#BlackInSTEM at UMass

Latent Class Analysis: Part 1

Latent Class Analysis: Part 2

American Health Policy in 2020: A Pivotal Year for Change?

What Does the Earth Ask of Us?

What Can Implementation Science Do for You? Moving Health Care Innovations to the Real World

Moderation, Mediation, and the PROCESS Macro - Part 1

Moderation, Mediation, and the PROCESS Macro - Part 2

When I’m 64: Age Similarities and Differences in the Ways Emotional Events are Remembered

When Disaster Strikes: Response, Research, and Recovery

Identity-Based Motivation: Using Identity to do More and Better

Capitol Violence, Impeachment, and Our Political Future

Making the Case: The COVID-19 Vaccine

Multilevel Models for Longitudinal Data using R

Data Visualization & Workflow using R

Introduction to Program Evaluation

Alternate Career Pathways From Grad School: Showcasing the Flexibilities and Possibilities Beyond the Tenure Track

Distinguished Faculty Lecture Series - Fall 2021 Features Jennifer Lundquist FRS 2006-07

All of Us Researcher Workbench: A Presentation for Researchers

Trauma Informed Global Resilience Series Seminars

Using Social Media and Technology in Adoption Search and Reunion: The Lived Experiences of Irish Intercountry Adoptees

Research Talk & Career Social Hour with Dr. Luis Rivera

Rudd Adoption Research Institute: Lecture with Dr. Abbie Goldberg

Spring 2022 Distinguished Faculty Lecture Series

TiGR Seminar: How Young Can A Child Develop PTSD?

Introduction to Hierarchical Linear Modeling

Repeated Measures ANOVA using Mixed Effects Modeling

ADVANCE Mutual Mentoring Speaker Series

Data-Powered Women's Health: Intersection of the Microbiome, Nutrition, & Data Science

Dyadic Data Analysis

Stress Biomarkers Summer 2022 Virtual Workshop

Introduction to Dyadic Data Analysis

Multilevel Modeling with HLM and SPSS

Usage and Application of Meta-Analysis Techniques

Items Response Theory: Methods for Scale Development and Analysis

TRUCEN Panel Presentation

Receiving and Responding to Negative Feedback

Tay Gavin Erickson Lecture Series - Spring 2022

Tay Gavin Erickson Lecture Series - Spring 2022

When G*Power Won’t Work: Power Analysis for Moderation and Mediation