Contributing to CRF

As today's families continue to change and face increaslingly challenging issues, the Center for Research on Families continues to focus on helping famlies through research and engagement.

In 1996, the Center for the Family was endowed by Dorothy and Joseph Gavin. In 2003, the Center for the Family expanded into today’s Center for Research on Families. The Center’s growth since 2003 has resulted in multimillion dollar increases in federal research funding for family research and a dramatic rise in national and international research collaborations.  Most importantly, the work of the faculty and their students has provided substantive, unbiased information to families struggling with stress and mental health challenges, to caregivers of relatives with alzheimers or aphasia, to parents of children with ADHD, to classroom teachers of young children developing social and emotional skills, to policy makers across Massachusetts, and to much more.

Your gift to the UMass Amherst Center for Research on Families will foster multidisciplinary research and education in a broad range of family issues.

Please go to this link to give to CRF's intiatives. Thank you for your generous support of the Center for Research on Families.