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CRF supports interdisciplinary, scientific collaborations aimed at understanding the diversity, health and well-being of families while discovering solutions to the challenges family face.

CRF Launches Pilot Grant in Springfield

Reducing Depression and Stress in Low-income New Mothers and their Partners

CRF Director, Dr. Maureen Perry-Jenkins, has launched an exciting and innovative pilot project that aims to reduce depression and stress among low-income new mothers and their partners early in pregnancy. “We’ve always known that stress can have negative impacts on our health, but the latest literature is really showing that stress prenatally is very detrimental in terms of long-term health of both mothers and infants. Thus, the aim of our intervention is to reduce stress in the second trimester of pregnancy to enhance parental well-being and child outcomes,” she explains. 

CRF Co-Sponsoring Upcoming Lecture: Domestic Workers Building Dignity and Power, Past and Present

CRF is a co-sponsor for the upcoming 2018 Feinberg Family Distinguished Lecture Series, "Domestic Workers Building Dignity and Power, Past and Present"

Thursday, November 1, 5:30 pm
Bernie Dallas Room, Goodell Hall

Domestic workers are organizing on a massive scale to build economies that respect the labor of women of color. This panel of organizers and historians will discuss the goals and challenges facing the domestic workers' movement. Panelists will explore how the rich history of domestic worker organizing can inform present-day struggles for dignity and respect, and inform the creation of alternative feminist economies that respect the labor of women of color. Click here for more information about the event.