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CRF supports interdisciplinary, scientific collaborations aimed at understanding the diversity, health and well-being of families while discovering solutions to the challenges family face.

Student Spotlight: Mahala Dyer Stewart Seeks to Understand How the Decision to Homeschool is Impacted by Class and Race

Mahala Dyer Stewart, Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Sociology was selected as one of only two students awarded a $10,000 CRF Dissertation Fellowship in the spring of 2016. Stewart's dissertation seeks to understand if and how the decision to homeschool is impacted by class and race across communities. She hopes that her research will be useful to educators and policy makers by offering insights into why families feel compelled to remove their children from the public-school system, and which families are able to make that choice.

Shannon Roberts (FRS '18-'19) Received 2018 Armstrong Award to Advance Safety in Self-Driving Vehicles

Shannon Roberts (FRS '18-'19) assistant professor of mechanical and industrial engineering, and Philip Thomas, assistant professor of computer science, received the 2018 The Armstrong Fund for Science Award. The award includes a grant of $36,000 to support a two-year project which addresses the question of when an automated driving system should warn a human driver that it may have to relinquish control of the vehicle in the near future. Read more here

Rodrigo Dominguez Villegas Accepted into Summer Institute in Migration Research Methods at University of California Berkeley

Rodrigo Dominguez Villegas, a Ph.D. student in the sociology department and recipient of the 2016 CRF $10,000 pre-dissertation award, has been accepted into the first Summer Institute in Migration Research Methods, to be held at University of California Berkeley. The purpose of the Summer Institute is to train a new generation of U.S. migration researchers to leverage existing datasets and learn best-practices for rigorous, new data-collection projects, as well as to provide instruction in cutting edge methodologies particularly relevant to the study of mobile populations. Dominguez Villegas was one of a large pool of highly qualified applicants and as a participant in the program, he will be given the opportunity to receive training from the top migration scholars in the US. Read more about the program here.