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Kalpana Poudel-Tandukar, FRS 2017-18 and Associate Professor, Selected for the 2022 Distinguished Community Engagement Award

Kalpana Poudel-Tandukar, FRS 2017-18 and Associate Professor in the Elaine Marieb College of Nursing, is one of two faculty members selected for the 2022 Distinguished Community Engagement Award. The award, presented by the Provost's Office, comes with a $1,000 monetary prize and has been given annually for more than two decades. According to the call for nominations, “This award recognizes individuals within our campus community for their outstanding contributions to community-engaged scholarship and teaching, and campus/community partnerships, with impacts at the local, regional, national or international level.” Learn more about Dr. Poudel-Tandukar's research and the award here.

Adam Grabell, FRS 2019-20, Awarded Seed Funding from the University's Technology Development Fund

Adam Grabell, FRS 2019-20 and assistant professor of Psychological and Brain Science is a recent recipient of a $25,000 Technology Development award from the Technology Development Fund. The funds were awarded to support work in Dr. Grabell's lab, The SEED Lab, which created a lab-based game and algorithm that detects the presence of psychological disorders in preschool children called EarlyScreen.  The tool performed with a high degree of accuracy when detecting emerging signs of psychological disorders. Learn more about the award and their awardees here.