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CRF supports interdisciplinary, scientific collaborations aimed at understanding the diversity, health and well-being of families while discovering solutions to the challenges family face.

Agnès Lacreuse (FRS '13-'14) Receives NIH Funding to Investigate Etiology of Alzheimer's Disease

Agnès Lacreuse received $361,752 in supplemental funding from NIH to study whether Alzheimer's disease-like symptoms occur naturally in nonhuman primates with aging. Agnès Lacreuse is especially interested in determining whether female marmosets, like women, are more prone to such symptoms, and her work seeks to identify the factors that predict pathological aging in each sex. Read more here

Linda Tropp (FRS '09-'10) Honored for Influential 'Contact Theory' Analysis

Linda Tropp has been selected as a recipient of the 2018 Scientific  Impact Award from the Society of Experimental Social Psychology (SESP), which “honors the author(s) of a specific article or chapter offering a theoretical, empirical, and/or methodological contribution that has  proven highly influential over the last 25 years.” Tropp and her group of researchers spent over five years “trying to find every study on intergroup contact we could,” she says. Tropp mined more than 500 studies gathered from the 1940s  through the year 2000, which together include more than 250,000  participants from 38 countries, to conduct a “meta-analysis,” a type of research study “where you try to find  every study ever done on a particular topic, and then using statistical  methods, you combine the results from those studies to see what  they show overall,” she explains. Read more here.

Collaborative Class Offered by CRF and Children's Trust an Educational Model for Home Visiting and Early Childcare Workforce

In the Fall of 2017, CRF partnered with the Children's Trust to offer an innovative, 3-credit course that brought together UMass undergraduates and Healthy Families' home visitors. There is mounting evidence that post-secondary education and specialized training in child development better prepares the early childhood workforce. The class, Risk and Resilience in the Lives of First-Time, Young Parents was recently highlighted as one of only two credit-earning options for home visitors nationwide. Read more here.