Writing Accountability Circles

The Office of Faculty Development is pleased to pilot a new opportunity for faculty seeking to enhance their writing productivity. OFD’s Writing Accountability Circles are for faculty who are ready to commit to a structured accountability group.   

Apply by January 22nd!

The Program:

Beginning in February, selected faculty will join a small group, or Circle of (no more than 8) writing colleagues, to participate in weekly gatherings. Faculty must be able to commit to their own writing and to support group members in being accountable for self-identified writing goals.   

  • The first session will be held in early February, when faculty will meet their colleagues, set expectations, review commitments to the program and have an opportunity to write together. Faculty will be encouraged to describe clear writing objectives and benchmarks for achieving these goals. 
  • The circle will meet at the same time weekly throughout  the semester. Faculty may choose from three times offered during the week.
  • Each session will be 90 minutes long, with up to 30 minutes of discussion of a productivity challenge and individual check-ins, followed by 60 minutes of write-on-site time.* Circle members will have the opportunity to hear about each other’s work, strategies and challenges as they move towards their writing goals. 

This pilot program will take place from February-May 2020 ending in a celebration to recognize participation and accomplishments.  A short survey will be conducted at the beginning and end of the project to evaluate effectiveness.

Faculty participating in a Writing Accountability Circle will benefit from:

  • A confidential peer group in which members hold each other accountable for reaching writing goals
  • Assigned writing peers (optional)
  • Short, targeted conversations on common writing productivity challenges
  • A routine, scheduled, supported, and consistent writing time in a shared writing space
  • On-line tools and a copy of the WAG book*
  • Participation in an end of semester celebration
  • An opportunity to form a writing accountability circle that may continue after the semester ends


  • Faculty from all ranks and disciplines (NTT and TT full time faculty with continuing appointments)
  • Applicants should propose a clearly defined writing project or projects and have a commitment to participate for the duration of the semester

To apply please complete this form by Jan. 22, 2020 (limited spaces) and select the meeting time: Mondays - 8-9:30 am; Tuesdays - 10-11:30 am; or Thursdays - 9:30-11:00 am. We will notify you about your acceptance into the program by Jan. 24th to enable you to schedule your semester. 

*The WAC groups will utilize the guidance found in WAG Your Work: Writing Accountability Groups, Bootcamp for Increasing Scholarly Productivity, by Kimberly A. Skarupski (2018).