Faculty Resilience During COVID-19

OFD has gathered resources to enable quick access to information for navigating faculty life during the pandemic. This site is a work in progress. Please email OFD with additions, edits or requests.



Resilience Resources

  • Stay connected with colleagues and loved ones. Schedule time to video chat and phone. Check in and ask others how they are doing.
  • Practice good sleep habits such as reducing screen time and stretching at night.
  • Be mindful of the moment and your surroundings. Step outside. Breathe deeply. Journal. Focus on gratitude for this moment.
  • Focus on the things you can control.  Organize your desk; rake your garden leaves; take a deep breath and trust you will get through this.
  • Pay attention to your feelings, thoughts, and seek professional help from a licensed mental health professional if necessary.

The National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity has compiled many resources and helpful articles about self-care and moving forward for faculty during this challenging time. Note: UMass Amherst has an institutional membership for NCFDD, learn how to setup your free account here.

Thriving as you Work From Home

    Set up your work space and establish office hours

    Supports for maintaining productivity

    • Create virtual communities for ongoing support, such as:
      • Form a weekly writing group among colleagues for ongoing accountability. 
      • Set up a regular meeting with selected peers to share tips and experiences about the transition to on-line teaching.
      • Organize a virtual meeting with a colleague to talk about research related activities or to discuss the grant or paper you are working on, etc.
      • Have lunch with your lab over Zoom once a week.
    • Be generous with your expertise. Offer to help a colleague, and reach out for help. We are a highly talented community.
    • 8 tips to Make Working from Home Work for You - National Public Radio
    • Working From Home:  a time management coach provides surefire methods to stay productive and levelheaded during these unprecedented times.
    • National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity - sign up for some of NCFDD's many webinars (UMass is a member so webinars are free)
    • Managing Work Remotely - Guidance from the UMass Partnership for Worker Education 

    Help family members stay busy

    If you or someone in your family gets ill


    College and School Resources

    Teaching and Advising