CoJourn @UMass for Staff & Faculty

A peer-peer program to support well-being

These challenging times are calling for all of us to adapt to new ways of living our usual lives. Setting up additional structures of support and opportunities to create (virtual) social connection can be an important step in boosting well-being, staying engaged, and enabling us to meet the challenges before us.

  • Have you been putting off a personal project or goal?
  • Do you want to start or improve something but don't think you have enough time?
  • Are you worried that focusing on your well-being in the winter will be even that much harder?

Prioritizing your well-being doesn’t have to be a challenge and require a huge time commitment.  And you don’t need to do it alone.

We all can use more follow-through, accountability and connection in our lives. That’s where CoJourn @UMass for Faculty and Staff, can make that difference for you. CoJourn helps you prioritize what matters most to you, while connecting with a colleague/partner you choose for mutual support and accountability.  CoJourn@UMass will begin in November until January (3 months).  For many Cojourn participants, the small amount of time dedicated to brief weekly meetings, has huge long-term personal rewards. 

About the program:

  • Receive program guidance and support to get the most from your participation
  • Choose a partner (or we’ll help you find one) who is also a UMass faculty or staff member
  • Set an intention related to an area of your life that you want to work on for a sustained period of 3 months
  • Check in with one another each week for approximately a 1/2 hour to share updates on your goals and to offer compassionate support  
  • Set small, manageable and achievable goals for the upcoming week that help both of you to move toward your intention.

Examples of past participants’ intentions:

* Finish that project that keeps being put off 
* Make more time for fun
* Manage anxiety better
* Feel strong and healthy

How Can I Find out More? 

  • Sign up for the program. (until Dec. 14th) 
  • Here is the link to the video of the Info Session for CoJourn@UMass for Staff and Faculty which was held on November 12th.

This is a free program for UMass Amherst Staff and Faculty.  CoJourn@UMass for Staff & Faculty is sponsored by: Workplace Learning and Development, Campus Life and Wellbeing Collaborative, the Faculty and Staff Assistance Program, and the Office of Faculty Development. Faculty can find out more by contacting: