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We believe that every writer needs a reader. Writing Center tutors work with undergraduate, graduate, staff, post-doc, and faculty writers on any academic genre at any point in the writing process. Our highly-trained tutors from a variety of disciplines help writers develop a draft, clarify an argument, gain control over sentence structure, re-organize a text, and learn to reflect on and build productive writing practices.  

10 Essential Guidebooks on Academic Writing

From the Chronicle of Higher Education article 'Aiding the Writing Stalled Professor'

A faculty-writing program needs a good collection of books to lend out to stalled writers -- general books on writing and productivity as well as handbooks focused on the rules, customs, and processes of academic publication. Here are 10 books --- some old, some new, and most of them aimed at scholarly writing -- that I've found especially essential to have on our shelves at the faculty-writing program at the University of Tulsa:

Early Career Writing

On productivity and academic writing:

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