Mentoring Resources

Mentoring Tips

Check out these useful tips from the Mutual Mentoring Program Guide (Sorcinelli, Yun, & Baldi, 2018, linked below).

The National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity has excellent mentoring resources as well. UMass Amherst is an institutional member, so faculty and librarians can access many pod-casts, workshops, and other helpful information through their website. It’s free to sign up with your UMass ID. Sign up here! Here are a few to check out:

Mentoring Tools for Departments and Faculty

Departmental Mentoring Plan Guidelines
Guidelines from the Provost for Creating Formal Mentoring Structures at the Department Level

Mentoring Plan for Promotion
A Tool to Support Timely Career Guidance and Mentoring for Associate Professors

UMass Amherst ADVANCE Program Mentoring Plan Template
One of several tools offered by ADVANCE to support departments in creating a more inclusive and equitable environments.

Mutual Mentoring Program Guide for Institutions

Interested in launching your own mentoring program at your institution? The comprehensive Mutual Mentoring Program Guide (Sorcinelli, Yun, & Baldi, 2018) provides helpful information on the Mutual Mentoring program at UMass Amherst, examples of projects, and guidance for building a productive mentoring network. *UMass Amherst NetID login required

Additional Resources