Leadership Workshops

Leadership Workshops

Collaborate, make decisions, communicate, build consensus, and inspire

Faculty at all ranks (both tenure-track and non-tenure-track) are called upon to lead. Whether running an academic department, serving as a graduate or undergraduate program director, chairing a committee, spearheading a working group, or running a lab, the Office of Faculty Development offers an array of programs designed to help faculty understand leadership styles, enhance leadership skills, and help explore pathways to future leadership roles.

Leadership Programs for Department Heads and Chairs

An intensive leadership training for new departmental heads and chairs. This academy, offered by the Office of Faculty Development, occurs in August and January, annually.

LEAD+  (Leadership Enhancement for Academic Departments) is professional development and support program for heads and chairs of academic units across UMass Amherst. It is offered jointly by the Academic Personnel Office and the Office of Faculty Development. 


    Other Leadership Programs

    LEAF (Leadership Essentials for All Faculty)

    LEAF is an initiative for all faculty members (tenure-track and non-tenure-track) who are interested in learning more about leadership and enhancing their leadership skills. Past workshops include Difficult Conversations, Making working Together Work, and more. 

    Chancellor’s Leadership Fellowships

    OFD coordinates the application process for Chancellor’s Leadership Fellows. These fellowships seek to cultivate future campus leaders by offering a half-time, one-year temporary appointment to an administrative area on campus and by providing shadowing and mentoring from the leaders of the host units. In addition, fellows are expected to launch a significant program during the fellowship year. Mutual Mentoring for Leadership Development:

    OFD facilitates mutual mentoring groups for Chancellor’s Leadership Fellows and is developing new programming for faculty leaders.

    HERS - hersnetwork.org

    OFD coordinates the nomination process for the coming year’s campus-supported HERS participants. UMass Amherst is a proud process institution for HERS, a higher education leadership training institute for women faculty and staff. Contact OFD for more information.

    Chair/Head Mutual Mentoring Program

    OFD coordinates a mutual mentoring program for department chair/heads. The purpose of this program is to provide a forum for chairs/heads to meet to support each other and share their wisdom.

    External Leadership Programs

    Many UMass Amherst faculty have participated in the workshops and fellowships offered by these programs. Contact OFD for more information. 

    ACE - American Council on Education Fellows Program
    The nation’s premier higher education leadership development program preparing senior leaders to serve American colleges and universities.

    Academic Impressions 
    The Academic Impressions higher education training connects people, ideas, and solutions. 

    Harvard Higher Education Leadership Programs
    HIHE offer comprehensive leadership development programs designed for higher education administrators—from directors, department heads, and deans, to vice presidents, provosts, and presidents.