Renewal Series

Renewal Series

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, renewal is “a process in which something improves or is improved after being in a bad condition.” After the collective trauma of the past few years, we feel the need for renewal and aim to support you in whatever renewal means for you right now. In addition to supporting healthy and sustainable careers through all of our signature series, we will be launching a special topic series that will help you:

  • identify and set your own renewal goals
  • support those goals through healthy boundaries and social support
  • support your students while supporting yourself
  • reinvigorate your research
  • and reconnect with your colleagues, our campus and yourself


The No Club

Supporting your renewal requires healthy boundaries. Watch the recording from our November 2023 event featuring one of the authors of The No Club: Putting a Stop to Women’s Dead-End Work in a conversation around workload equity, the importance of community in helping you say ‘no,’ and interventions that can help departments and institutions equalize workloads.


Form a "No Club"

Are you interested in forming a No Club in Spring 2024? We are matching interested participants with the goal of kicking off "No Clubs" in February. Groups will offer support and community to help participants say "no" and to stay on track with professional development goals. 

OFD will facilitate the formation of groups based on your preferences for in-person or Zoom meetings and your goals, then groups will self-manage their meetings starting in the spring. 

Complete the interest form.

Interest forms are due by December 15th and participants will be notified of their group match in January.

Fall 2023 Events: