First Year on Campus

First Year on Campus (formerly First Year, First Friday) is a monthly forum for learning best practices for new faculty success

Each month, first and second-year faculty from across campus gather for a facilitated session on a particular area of interest. Topics include supporting student success, how to find funding, developing a mentoring network, and much more! Come join us for presentations by knowledgeable colleagues and discussion.

Monthly sessions are held on Fridays from 9:00-10:30 am.

Sep 10 - First Year on Campus ​

Oct 1 - Priorities, Planning & Time Management​

Nov 5 - Developing Your Mentor Network: Identifying and mapping your mentoring needs​

Dec 3 - Teaching Effectiveness: Course reflection strategies for the busy professor ​

Feb 4 - Support for Scholarly Work: Early career funding ideas and writing accountability

Mar 4 - Evidence for Teaching Effectiveness: Approaches that improve all courses​

Apr 1 - Planning for the Summer

Resources, handouts, articles, and other relevant information from past FYFF sessions:

2020-2021 FYFF resources and materials - click on title to access.

September - Setting the Stage for the year ahead and begin to build community!
October - How will I know if it’s really working? Course reflection strategies for the busy professor
November - Your Research and Scholarly Activities: Expectations and Time Management
December - Finding Research and Writing Support for a Successful Spring Semester
February - Developing a Mentor Network: Identifying and Mapping Your Mentoring Needs
March - Learning from Fully Remote Teaching: Strategies that Improve All Courses

2019-2020 FYFF resources and materials - click on title to access.

September - Developing a Mentor Network:  Identifying and Mapping Your Mentoring Needs
October - Standing Out: Effective Self-Promotion Strategies for New Faculty
November - Planning Your Research and Scholarly Activities: Resources for a Successful First Year
December -  Assessing Your Teaching: Review, Reflect and Plan for the Next Semester
February - Reexamining Priorities: Suggestions for Work-Life Integration
March - Understanding Student Feedback: How to Address Student's Teaching Evaluations
May - Planning for Now: Summer’s Achievable Goal

2018-2019 FYFF resources and materials - click on title to access.

September - What UMass Students Need and How to Support Them
October - GoFund Me: On-Campus Funding Opportunities for Teaching and Research
November - Now What? Making Mid-Semester Changes
December - Looking Back, Planning Ahead
February - Map Your Mentor Network
March - How Do I Help My Students Learn More and Worry Less?
April - Recharge Your Batteries and Make a Plan