Community & Public Engagement

Community & Public Engagement

UMass Amherst’s mission is rooted in the land-grant purpose of research, education, and service to society. Engagement is one method by which we fulfill our mission to create positive impact on the Commonwealth and the broader society we serve. Engagement can apply to research, teaching, and service activities. At UMass Amherst, engagement tends to take one of four forms:

  • Public Engagement and Outreach comprises a range of work by faculty, staff and students that reaches off-campus constituents directly or indirectly to educate, inform, and contribute to the public good.
  • Community Engagement is the creation and exchange of knowledge and resources performed in partnership with community collaborators. The relationship is mutually beneficial for both the university and the partners, and the exchange of knowledge and resources is reciprocal.
  • Engaged Consulting and Advisory Work comprises forms of service that are engaged with the public, community organizations, or businesses and industry. 
  • Industry Engagement is work conducted with industry or businesses that benefits public constituents.

Community & Public Engagement Resources:

Carnegie Foundation



In recognition of the extent and impact of its engagement activities, UMass Amherst was classified as a Community-Engaged Institution by the Carnegie Foundation in 2008, renewed in 2015.