Planning and Reporting

your responsibilities for planning and reporting  

What are some of the reports that I will have to write and produce?

Suggestions to get you started: 

1.  Find out from your Dean about their priorities and any related reports. During the Annual Planning and Budgeting Process, which begins in earnest in late November, you will provide requests, plans and reports.  Procedures vary across schools/colleges.

2.  Familiarize yourself with previous reports and requirements (a great task for August). 

3.  Each year is different and there will be 'surprise' reports. For example, is this an accreditation year? Also, the Departmental Educational Effectiveness Plans are required every other year, and you may be involved in this report depending on your department staffing. Campus leaders may ask for unexpected reports or plans in support of their current campus-wide priorities (e.g. the climate surveybuilding a community of dignity and respect).

4.  There also may be large initiatives to anticipate (possibly during your term).  For example, find out when your department is scheduled for an Academic Quality Assessment and Development (AQAD).  Another example is the UMass Amherst comprehensive strategic planning process conducted during the AY 2017-18 for 2018-2023 in which all units were involved.  

5.  Dive into the numbers.  Learn about your department's history and current status.  This is invaluable information to have for decision-making, planning and requests for resource allocation. The Office of University Analytics & Institutional Research (UAIR) is your partner in accessing and analyzing relevant data for your department including student numbers, departmental metrics, faculty information, and much more.  As soon as possible, take the Flagship Analytics training. 

6. There are many other ongoing writing responsibilities that will be required that you should anticipate, such as letters of recommendations, nominations, AFR summary comments, etc.  

My advice -- expect the unexpected, delegate, and form committees!