Laura Valdiviezo

Laura Valdiviezo
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Chancellor's Leadership Fellow (AY 2021-22); Professor, Teacher Education and School Improvement
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Prof. Valdiviezo’s interest is in re-conceptualizing and reforming schools as loci of change for social justice. Schools can be sites for reforming education as much as for re-conceptualizing what is valued and disseminated as knowledge. In her work, Prof. Valdiviezo examines diversity, pluralism, and knowledge production in institutional policy as a way to understand how inequality is reproduced but also how it can be contested. She draws on sociocultural, sociohistorical and comparative perspectives applied to discourse and ideology in language policy, intercultural/multicultural education, bilingual/multilingual and Indigenous education. She frames her comparative analysis in epistemologies from the south, alternative knowledges and cultural practices.

As an education ethnographer Prof. Valdiviezo conducts participant observation in the context of public schools serving culturally and linguistically diverse students. Prof. Valdiviezo's field work has taken place in international rural/urban contexts including Indigenous and Afro-Latin American communities as well as urban schools serving recent immigrant and refugee families in the United States. In these contexts, she pays attention to the role educators and youth can play as political actors. She studies how educators understand diversity, how they enact language policy and how they transform inequity through pedagogy. She is also interested in the education of teachers and youth as researchers using inquiry-based practice for the advancement of teaching theory and pedagogy.

Prof. Valdiviezo’s research has been published in the Review of Research in Education, the International Journal for the Sociology of Language, the International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism, Intercultural Education, Cultural Studies of Science Education, Revista Iberoamericana de Educación, and the Revista Peruana de Investigación Educativa among others. She has served as Associate Editor of the International Journal of Multicultural Education. For two terms, she served as Editor-in-Chief of Anthropology and Education Quarterly with colleague Sally Galman (2014 to 2019). Currently, Prof. Valdiviezo is an editorial board member for the International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education, and the journal Race, Ethnicity and Education. In January 2020, she joined Professor Emerita Sonia Nieto as co-editor of the award winning book series Language, Culture and Teaching (Routledge).