Christiane Healey

Christiane Healey
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OFD Faculty Fellow; Senior Lecturer, Biology
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As a both a Faculty Fellow (2021-23) and Chancellor's Leadership Fellow (2020-21)with the Office of Faculty Development, Dr. Healey works to assess faculty development programming needs for non-tenure-track faculty. Dr. Healey’s research expertise is in evolutionary biology and behavioral ecology. Dr. Healey has taught writing classes as a Quin-Morton Fellow in the Princeton Writing Program at Princeton University, and was a faculty member at UCLA before joining the UMass faculty in 2010. She has taught topics ranging from HIV/AIDS and writing to introductory biology, ecology, and evolution. She has employed numerous pedagogical approaches depending on class size and learning objectives, including community engagement, team-based learning and flipped classroom approaches. Dr. Healey has served as Chair of the Biology Curriculum Committee, and has been elected Chair of the Undergraduate Education Council. Dr. Healey was awarded the CNS Outstanding Teaching Award in 2017. More recently, she was the first recipient of the Mahoney Teaching Award to join the team of faculty in the iCons program.