NFO - Wednesday, August 12

NFO - Wednesday, August 12

  • 8:45 - New Faculty Slide Show

  • 9:00 - Where do I go for instructional and technology support?  

    Steve Acquah, Coordinator, Digital Media Lab  
    Matthew Dalton, Chief, Information Technology
    Alexandra Deschamps, Manager, Instructional Innovation

    Jennifer Friedman, Head, Research Services, Libraries
    Claire Hamilton, Director, Center for Teaching and Learning
    Heather Sharpes-Smith, Instructional Design, Engagement and Support (IDEAS)

  • 10:00 - Break
  • 10:15 - Where do I go to ask for research and grant development support?

    Marco Cocito-Monoc, Executive Director, Foundation Relations
    Jennifer Donais, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Compliance and Support Services, Research and Engagement
    Mary Fechner, Proposal Development Specialist,Office of Research Development
    Brian Kearns, Office of Pre-Award Services, Research and Engagement

    Ian Raphael, Director, Research Project Management and Training 
    Rebecca Reznik-Zellen, Head, Science and Engineering Library, Libraries
    Daniel Sacco, Senior Associate Director, Research Compliance
    Brian Shelburne, Head, Digital Scholarship Center, Libraries

    Loren Walker, Director,Office of Research Development
  • 11:00 - Wrap up 

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