OFD Faculty Focus: Forrest J. Bowlick

Forrest J. Bowlick
Today we are featuring a Q&A with Forrest J. Bowlick, Lecturer, ECo and Geosciences

Dr. Bowlick has participated in numerous OFD programs, including Scholarly Writing Retreats and the LEAF (Leadership Essentials for All Faculty) series.

What is one project you are especially proud of? 
I'm very proud of a new book project that was contracted over the summer and I've started working on now. It will allow me to explore the teaching and learning in my Introductory Geographic Information Science course - something I've always spent a lot of time and energy to support students in - now I get to do research and write about that experience!

What is something new you have tried recently? How’d it work out? 
For the past year or so I've tried to leave the house as little as possible except when absolutely necessary. It's been a wild ride!

What has been the most surprising thing about working and teaching remotely? 
I'm impressed every day at the resiliency of our students - they keep finding ways to surprise me with their creative problem solving and getting things done.

Is there any UMass program or resource you would recommend to other more senior faculty? 
I'd recommend all faculty, but especially senior ones, sit down and listen to what graduate and undergraduate students are saying and doing in terms of organizing on racial justice, abolition, and other work seeking to end the systems of oppression on campus. They have the most power to make changes but the students have incredible ideas and energy that could transform UMass in incredibly positive ways.

Any other news you would like to share? 
Is it nap time yet?

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