How do I find funding for my research and/or creative activities?

The Office of Research and Engagement website houses resources for internal and federal funding for your research and creative activities. The Office of Foundation Relations provides information and support for those seeking private sources of funding.

Two tools that can help search through available grants are Grant Forward/IRIS and the Foundation Directory Online linked on the UMass Libraries page.

Centers & Institutes can also be a great source of seed funding. For instance, see the Institute of Social Sciences Research and the Institute of Diversity Sciences.

I’m bringing a grant with me to UMass; what should I do?

Consult with your department head/chair and seek the Office of Research Administration & Compliance’s advice on transferring grants.

How do I apply for an external grant?

Contact the administrative staff person in your department/college/school who assists faculty with grant submissions. They coordinate with the UMass Office of Pre-Award Services (OPAS) who, ultimately, submits your proposal to the external sponsor.  UMass Amherst uses the Kuali Research Software System to assemble and submit proposals. There are on-line and in-person trainings for researchers to learn the basics of what you need to know. UMass has a five-day pre-submission procedure policy.  

For those seeking narrative and budget development support with grants directed at private foundations [i.e., grantmaking entities whose funding is not derived from governmental sources], Foundation Relations asks that applicants reach out at least 5 to 7 working days prior to the OPAS deadline. In an effort to ensure that all foundation-bound proposals are coordinated across our large campus and recorded within the relevant database, they request that faculty submitting such grants reach out to Foundation Relations as early as possible to make them aware of your plans/activities to date – whether you require their services or not.  It is important for the wider, longer-term interests of the campus that they keep an accurate, timely accounting of all interactions between faculty members and private foundations, and they sincerely appreciate your partnership in this endeavor.

Does my College/School offer research support?

Some, but not all, colleges and schools offer centralized services for supporting faculty research and scholarship (please refer to your college or school’s website). You can also speak with your college’s associate dean of research who is there to support your work.

What types of central campus supports are available to help me with my research?

  • Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Engagement: provides leadership, support, and oversight for research and engagements with academic, industry, and government partners. It's offices include:
    • Office of Research Development: supports and coordinates development of large-scale, interdisciplinary proposals and center-level proposals; supports and trains faculty in grantsmanship; supports strategic research development initiatives; and administers the UMass internal grant programs.
    • Office of Pre-Award Services (OPAS): oversees grant proposal submission and offer proposal development support.
    • Office of Post-Award Management (OPAM): oversees sponsor negotiation and award setup.
    • UMass Press: publishes, edits, designs, and markets first- rate books.
    • Technology Transfer Office: oversees the commercialization of university research for public benefit while protecting intellectual property and ensuring recognition for researchers and inventors.
    • UMass Innovation Institute: facilitates flexible and creative industry partnerships.
  • ADVANCE at UMass: provides the resources, recognition and relationship building that are critical to equitable and successful collaboration.
  • Center for Research on Families: promotes interdisciplinary family research across the social, behavioral, and natural sciences to address pressing social problems and systemic inequalities through family research and community engagement programming.
  • Foundation Relations: supports and coordinates (with the Office of Pre-Award Services [OPAS] and, when necessary, with the 501(c)(3)-designated UMass Amherst Foundation) all aspects of prospect research, strategy development, outreach, and proposal writing – from close narrative editing/feedback to budget development assistance – for all private-foundation-bound proposals (regardless of the entity through which funds flow – e.g., the University or its affiliated UMass Amherst Foundation).
  • Institute of Diversity Sciences: provides forums to meet other researchers and find collaborators and seed grants. Themes include: Diversity and Disparities in Climate change, Diversities & Disparities in Learning & Workplaces; and Diversities & Disparities in Health.
  • Institute for Social Science Research: provides resources and support for campus-wide researchers using or learning to use social science methods, seeking to take part in collaborative and interdisciplinary research, doing publicly engaged research, and seeking external funding for research.
  • Public Engagement Project: supports and trains faculty members to use their research to contribute to social change, inform public policy, and enrich public debate.
  • For help in establishing a productive research group, the Graduate School provides Research Mentor Training and a Graduate Mentoring Handbook for guidance in effective mentoring of graduate and undergraduate mentors.

I'm starting up my lab; what should I know about safety requirements?

All individuals working in a lab, studio, shop, or similar area where hazardous materials or processes are in use on campus are required to complete EH&S provided training prior to beginning work with hazardous materials or processes. Go to the EH&S page for tips for new PIs and setting up your lab.  Research Administration and Compliance also oversees facilities and services to support specialized research needs.

Where can I find information about the research activities of my UMass colleagues?

  • You can sign up for the Inside UMass email, which is a newsletter that comes out weekly during the academic year and bi-weekly throughout the summer. It’s your best way to stay up-to-date on news, events and the many accomplishments of our faculty, staff and students.
  • The Research News and Stories page highlights the recent research, scholarship, and creative activity that distinguishes UMass Amherst as a top research university. 
  • The Centers and Institutes page hosts information on approximately 60 campus-based research collaborations spanning a wide array of disciplines and specialties within and across campus colleges and schools.

What research supports are available through the libraries?

What should I know about research grants and compliance at UMass Amherst?

Begin with your department or college before starting to develop a proposal to assess available support and to coordinate with the central offices. Research & Engagement has outlined some of the steps and resources UMass offers in support of the development of proposals for sponsored project funding.  Central campus support for proposal development, prior to submission, is available from:

The Office of Research Compliance oversees all compliance requirements at UMass related to research under one coordinated unit. Major areas of compliance include:

What other research-related resources are available?

Publishing supports:

Methodology supports:

UMass Amherst Libraries supports: