About the Survey

About the Survey

COACHE is located at Harvard University and conducts this multi-institutional survey to assess issues and trends in work satisfaction among college and university faculty. The study is conducted by COACHE and carries approval from Harvard’s Institutional Review Board (IRB). COACHE collects data confidentially. Data are analyzed by the COACHE team at Harvard and shared with the Office of Academic Planning and Assessment (OAPA) at UMass Amherst in de-identified form or anonymously. These records are held in OAPA and no one in a supervisory or evaluative capacity will have access to individual responses.

What is the UMass Amherst-COACHE Partnership and Faculty Job Satisfaction Survey?

  • A partnership with the Harvard Graduate School of Education to capture faculty satisfaction with their experiences at UMass Amherst
  • A vehicle for faculty to inform improvements and investments to support their working conditions
  • An opportunity to compare faculty satisfaction at UMass against peer institutions, which will inform institutional changes to improve the recruitment and retention of our world-class faculty

Why is UMass Amherst participating?

  • To guide strategic investments in our faculty, based on comprehensive data on their experience of the institutional environment, policies and practices
  • Past success: Expand on findings from a smaller-scale 2007 COACHE survey at UMass Amherst
  • Expansion of campus-level research support and improvements in grants processing
  • Campus physical plant needs for building rehabilitation and new construction
  • MSP-Administration bargaining for the dual career subvention program
  • MSP-Administration bargaining to establish child care funding for new hires
  • Transparency of tenure and promotion processes

Who is surveyed and when?

  • All UMass Amherst tenure-track and full-time non-tenure-track faculty
  • Survey was in the field from February 3 - April 10, 2020.

How is my data protected?

  • Confidential data collection process, approved by both Harvard and UMass Amherst IRBs
  • Identities are only used to send reminders to non-respondents & are not revealed to UMass Amherst
  • Data are analyzed by the COACHE team at Harvard, aggregate reports issued by COACHE
  • De-identified, anonymized data are shared with the Office of Academic Planning and Assessment (OAPA) at UMass Amherst
  • No one in a supervisory or evaluative capacity will have access to individual responses


COACHE Survey Timeline

UMass Amherst COACHE Steering Committee

Amel Ahmed, Associate Provost for Equity and Inclusion, Associate Professor, Political Science
Brian Baldi, Assistant Director, Center for Teaching and Learning; Senior Lecturer
Michelle Budig, Vice Provost for Faculty Development; Professor, Sociology
Adena Calden, Senior Lecturer, Mathematics
Angela de Oliviera, Interim Chair, Environmental Health Sciences; Professor, Resource Economics
Farshid Hajir, Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs; Professor, Mathematics
Christiane Healey, Chancellor’s Leadership Fellow, Senior Lecturer of Biology
Karen Helfer, Professor, Communication Disorders
Joya Misra, UMass ADVANCE Co-Principal Investigator, Professor, Sociology
MJ Peterson, Professor, Political Science; Faculty Senate Secretary
Lori Reardon, Massachusetts Society of Professors, Senior Staff
Ann Marie Russell, Associate Provost for Data and Analytics
Laurel Smith-Doerr, UMass ADVANCE Principal Investigator, Professor, Sociology
Wendy Varner, Director of Faculty Development, Office of Faculty Development
Eve Weinbaum, President, Massachusetts Society of Professors; Associate Professor, Sociology
Elizabeth Williams, Director of Survey and Evaluation Research, Office of Academic Planning and Assessment; Adjunct Assistant Professor