Where to Go for Help with Responding to Graduate Students’ Emotional & Behavioral Concerns 

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Hosted by the Office of Faculty Development in collaboration with the Center for Counseling and Psychological Health (CCPH), the Dean of Students Office (DOSO), the Graduate School, and the Ombuds Office.
Addressing graduate student emotional and behavioral concerns can be a challenging and overwhelming experience for faculty. During this workshop you will discuss real life scenarios and work with your colleagues to identify ways to respond to and help students.  You will also hear from key campus resource leaders in the Center for Counseling and Psychological Health, Dean of Students Office, Graduate School, and Ombuds Office about when and how to refer students to services.  Come join your colleagues to discuss how to best support graduate students and learn new tools for what to do when faced with student concerns. 
Christiane Healey, Sr. Lecturer, Biology, and OFD Faculty Fellow
Katelyn Dreyer, Case Manager for Graduate Students, Dean of Students Office
Beth Jakob, Associate Dean of the Graduate School
Martha Patrick, University Ombudsperson, Ombuds Office 

Lydia Rackenberg, Clinical Social Worker, Center for Counseling and Psychological Health

Student support resources: