Time to Focus: Working Accountability Sessions - 9/25

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Facilitator: Christiane Healey, Chancellor’s Leadership Fellow, Office of Faculty Development, and Senior Lecturer of Biology

These virtual accountability sessions offer dedicated time and facilitated support to work on your project, whether it is to write a proposal or manuscript, or to design a unit for your online course. The sessions will begin with a small group 15-minute check-in, with each participant introducing themselves, their project, and specific goals for the session. For the next 60 minutes, faculty will turn off microphones and video feed, to work together in their own protected environment. In the final 15 minutes, participants will rejoin their small groups to discuss their progress, challenges, and to set goals for the coming week. Open to all faculty: lecturers, instructors, research, clinical.

These sessions are offered each month on a Friday afternoon. You may choose to attend any or all of the sessions.